Washing Football Kit Help

Hi All,

Sorry, not sure which of the forums to post in but thought this would be the best one!

Anyway, I have been given the job of washing my local Mens football kit! Gave it a first go on Sunday, but wasnt that pleased with the results (those damned mud stains :p)

Have heard that you can soak them in cold water and Soda Crystals and cool water (which I have now bought).

Obviously their kit costs around £500 so I don't want to mess anything up!! Has anyone got any ideas how long I should soak them for, or if it will harm the fabric?! Or any hints you can give me to minimise effort!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated :D



  • Chris25
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    Hi Embrace, says for 1 hour before washing on here http://www.dri-pak.co.uk/soda-crystals-for-laundry.html
  • meritaten
    meritaten Posts: 24,158 Forumite
    I used to do the local rugby team kit - until I realised that according to their annual accounts they were paying a laundry...........and I definitely wasn't getting paid!
    I used to soak the worst parts in the bath in hot water and Biotex or Nappisan. dried mud can be got rid off by whacking the offending bit of kit against an outside wall. liniment stinks - the Biotex gets rid of that.
    BIOLOGICAL washing powder - the answer to mud and grass stains and the smears of 'dubbin'.
  • mattyoung1990
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    My mum has had plenty of years of practice when it comes to getting stains out of my football kits/school uniform etc etc.

    She washes the clothes in the sink first with fairy liquid. Scrubs as much of the stain out with the fairy liquid and then sticks it straight in the washer - with the majority of the fairy liquid still engulfed around the stained area.

    I have to say, it works pretty well. She's even managed to clean a very muddy pair of white converses using this method!
  • Embrace
    Embrace Forumite Posts: 27 Forumite
    Sorry guys, my internet went down due to the storm! Thanks for the help so far! Are you sure that none of the above will damage the kits/numbers on the back?
  • iwannanicerlife
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    Don't by tempted to use fabric softener!
  • meritaten
    meritaten Posts: 24,158 Forumite
    I know the biotex or nappisan definitely wont! those pesky numbers are why I never boil washed the kit - max temp I think was 40 as they were plasticky.

    The bio powder usually took the stains out.
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