Smashing it in 2014

I have been here before, and successfully paid off Capital One and Vanquis Credit cards. I managed to rebuild my (appalling) credit rating and get myself a 0% Barclaycard (a major breakthrough after YEARS of bad credit, high interest cards, baliffs, ccjs etc)
I now have an ok Credit Rating, and possess my BC, a Tesco CC, A Very account (£2200 available, no balance) a Littlewoods Account with a £5,900 limit and £461 balance) an Isme account with £1500 available and no balance, Simply Be with £1200 available and no balance. I also have a small balance on my tesco CC which I will prob transfer over to the BC (interest free) so its all in one place (and 0%)
Sooooo.... I have just emailed and closed the Very, Isme, Simply Be accounts, thus freeing me from almost £5000 available debt. Am I right in thinking this will work in my favour?
I have just joined the 1% challenge and am feeling very inspired to clear this lingering niggling debt. I have gone back to work after a few years of illness, variable Self Employed wages (anything from £2-£200 a week) and now have a regular SE income. There is absolutely no reason for me to be struggling with the wage I have coming in and I am sick of relying on my credit card for the last week of the month. I feel like it is time to act like a "grown up" and sort my finances out.
So far today I have made £30 on our local fb selling page and am slowly going through the house getting rid of bits and bobs toward my goal

So as of today my BC is £3407.92 and Littlewoods is £543.75
Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

£117/ £3951.67


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    Best of luck with the debt busting - sounds like you've done really well so far :)

    You've reminded me I've a Very account (opened & then never used :o) that I've been meaning to close for at least a year!

    Will add to the ever growing to do list!!

    Good luck with the house clearing - you're welcome here anytime!:rotfl:
    Grocery Challenge £211/£455 (01/01-31/03)
    2016 Sell: £125/£250
    £1,000 Emergency Fund Challenge #78 £3.96 / £1,000
    Vet Fund: £410.93 / £1,000
    Debt free & determined to stay that way!
  • Thanks Rising! The accounts are now shut, and I very MSE-ly took my husband to the cash and carry with me today so he paid for the next 3 months or so supplies of our bulk stuff (cat food/litter/dog food/tins/rice/juices/cereals/laundry stuff etc) so that should cut down this months food shop.
    Ive set up a Standing Order to cover my 1% once a week and my challenge to myself is to try and match it so I *should* be clearing 2% a week.
    I am really enjoying the FB selling pages- much less hassle than fleabay and even managed to do a swap yesterday with someone for a piece of jewellery I really wanted- I swapped it for a jacket that no longer fits (gave up smoking last Jan, put on 1 1/2 stone) and 3 old perfumes that were just sitting in a drawer! happy days :)

    I am going backwards shopping this eve to take back a few bits I bought that are still sat in the carrier so I will put that money toward to CC
    Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

    £117/ £3951.67
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