Are there other uses for worn out leather boots??

Hello all mse'ers

Im hoping you can give me some ideas, I have a lovely brown leather pair of boots made by a certain leg toning flip flop making company.

They have been worn so much that the sole has worn down in one spot (I apparently walk heavier on the back of my feet) it has let water in too much recently so I can no longer wear them. Due to the special toning sole on them, I cant get them resoled so....

Can anyone think of something I can use them for, even if its just the leg bit?

They are a lovely brown leather and im loathed to get rid of them when so much is still in good condition!?

I hope you can draw on your old style knowledge to help?
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    If they really are beyond redemption why not make a few more holesd in the bottom of the soles and fill with compost and plant some flowers in perhaps some tumbling nastutiums or trailing ivy and some small spring flowers.Stick them in the garden in a sheltered spot where you can see a small splash of colour out of the window and see the spring on its way :):):)I did that once with a pair of old rubber boots of my late OH and they looked really nice and unusual
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    If the rest of the boots are in good condition and it's just the soles, what about "patching" them up with stick on soles? If that's not possible, then the only other thing I can think of is to use the leather for some other purpose - elbow patches on a jacket? Purse/bag/pouch? Leather bracelet or other jewellery? All depends how "crafty" you are I suppose :)
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    Could you take them into the repair shop and ask if they can do anything with them? - just wondering if they may be able to grind away the soles to flatten them into a more conventional shape - and then heel and sole them. The fly in the ointment is that it would be an expensive job - just getting re-heeling & sole-ing done here is a £15-20.
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    is there any way you could patch them from the inside?
  • dogmom_3
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    I have no ideas but I feel your pain - brown leather is one of the world's most beautiful materials.
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