Please help save The Russell Hotel

The Russell Hotel, Bognor Regis is a ‘not for profit’ hotel specifically built for blind and visually impaired guests. The hotel is being threatened with imminent closure because of under use and is currently “under offer of sale” to another charity who would like to extend their nursing home into new premises. The hotel staff and small group of blind and visually impaired regular guests are desperately hoping for a last minute reprieve for the hotel.

The Russell Hotel is part of Vision Hotels, a group of 4 hotels for blind and visually impaired people around the UK. The other hotels are in Teignmouth, Devon; Windermere, the Lake District and Weston-Super-Mare. In an attempt to fill rooms and help with the running costs of the hotels, Vision Hotels advertise rooms on the last minute holiday websites and welcome sighted guests also.

I recently had a short break at The Russell Hotel with my daughter, booked through at £24.50 pppn bed & breakfast. The hotel is a real gem sited on the sea front. The staff are friendly, there is a lounge bar, a restaurant, a small swimming pool and gym, free wifi in the public areas and well behaved dogs are welcome at no extra charge. The breakfast is good and there are bar snacks and a three course evening meal costing £15.00 available.

Bognor Regis is a small, quaint seaside town. A Butlins holiday camp, which takes day visitors, is situated near to the town and Bognor Regis’ railway station provides a link to the hustle and bustle of London and Brighton if guests require something a bit more exciting to do.

Please, please, please can people show some interest in this hotel to try to prevent it’s closure. In particular, if you have a family member or friend who is blind or visually impaired, please make them aware of the Russell Hotel and its predicament. If you would like to visit the hotel and can make a booking then please do so. If you are unable to make a booking then please contact Vision Hotels (website: or The Russell Hotel (01243 871300) directly to make enquiries and register interest in a possible future booking. The hotel needs as much support as possible, especially from people who are blind or visually impaired, at this late stage to try and prevent it’s closure.

Thank you.


  • nuttypnuttyp Forumite
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    reviews on tripadvisor are good too. If we were going away, I would go. I hope they save this hotel so more people can enjoy!!
    :D:D BSC member 137 :D:D

    BR 26/10/07 Discharged 09/05/08 !!!

    Onwards and upwards - no looking back....
  • Prothet_of_DoomProthet_of_Doom Forumite
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    It might be Not for profit and a charity, but despite what are clearly subsidised prices, and good visit reports on line it is still under used.

    I would respectfully suggest that the operating model is wrong somewhere. Perhaps blind people would rather pay full price in a normal hotel and not be segregated.

    I say this because my sister in law is registered blind and she and her husband go away quite a bit, and they use mainstream hotels that they know to be guide dog friendly. I'd suggest that either they do not know what else is available, or more likely, it's not in the location or doesn't have the luxury they crave.

    I wish you luck, but if you are successful in saving it, I think a good look at the long term marketing strategy (and maybe a shake up) is going to be needed.
  • paddyrgpaddyrg Forumite
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    If a hotel can't sell out in a prime location at £25pppn, there are fundamental problems. I suggest contacting one of those 'hotel rescue' type shows - the blind angle is the kind of feature the producers will be interested in.
  • Andy_LAndy_L Forumite
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    "Bu99er Bogner" (sorry, someone had to say it)

    Seems to have very little internet presence so, unless you know about it you won't find it.
    You can't book on line on their website, you have to submit an enquiry form with no idea of price
    On it's £60 per night for a double/twin room so a bit below average price for 3* and doesn't appear on other, more famous, booking sites
  • Will have a look, since my best friend is Severely Sight Impaired and struggling to come to terms with losing her sight.
  • McKneffMcKneff Forumite
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    I have copied and pasted the OP onto my facebook page and asked all my friends to 'share' perhaps others could do the same please.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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