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I am on telewest at the moment and pay £21 a month for digital TV and phone line rental and approx. £35 a month for broadband 2MB with unlimited downloads. I know we can get equivalent broadband cheaper ( need unlimited downloads) but we would need a BT phone line. I have looked at Sky and the package that seems similar to ours is £19.50 a month, we would get some extra channels but nothing that i would be prepared to pay more for, all i basically want is E4, sky and discovery channnels.
I am a bit confused when i read all the artiles about cheapest broadband and home phone calls as you seem to need a BT phone line for them all and any savings I make on these would be eaten up by the extra cost of the Digital TV.
My actual phone calls are only about £5 a month and at the very highest £10 but I have registered for Call 18866 and call 1899 as I think we will save a bit on phone calls.
can any one advise me what is the cheapest for all these services
Thanks :)


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    Telewest are advertising all three for £30 at the moment. so you need to phone them up and tell them you are leaving to go to BT and Skye and see what they offer.

    As you can read on here some people have even gone back a second time and had their package reduced again.icon7.gif
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