Wedding gift - Help!!

Last Christmas I followed the old style ways and refused to go broke over one day. So I spent ages making gifts for everyone (knitted hats, nurtured cuttings, bulbs in hand painted pots, food hampers, olive oil with basil and with chillies etc. etc...). For a milestone birthday recently I did a 'this is your life' photo album which went down really well (I got the idea from here so thanks to the OP). They all went down much better than I expected and everone loved their gifts.

Problem is I seem to have shot myself in the foot and now everyone expects fantastic personalised gifts :rolleyes:

I have a big family wedding to go to and they are expecting something amazing and my mind has gone blank.

Has anyone got any ideas? I have quite a while to put this all together so I don't mind if it needs a bit of work or preparation. I know you are all geniuses at this sort of thing so I'm hoping you can give me some inspiration :)
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  • Don't know if this is 'weddingy' enough, but maybe a useful idea for other occasions if not.

    If you can cope with all this "new fangled computer technology stuff", how about putting together a power-point type slide show, of the couple through their lives up until the wedding - photos, appropriate poems, songs, jokes etc. Something they could keep and watch in later years - I suppose it's a modern twist of the 'through the ages photo album'. You could even show it at the reception as an addition to the best man's speech. It's amazing the photos etc that friends and family supply if you ask :D
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    What about doing them a "pamper parcel" Could be to use when they get back from honeymoon (or whenever) as a treat, sometimes after a big wedding and a honeymoon things seem a little flat.

    Try making some nice bath salts or bath bombs they could use together with some scented candles to set the mood, some nice scented massage oils, (should be able to make your own up and bottle them)maybe even a couple of bath towles embroidered for them. You could do some cooking oils, maybe make some pasta and dry it, bottle up some homemade tomato sauce, include a bottle of homemade wine. Little things that would enable a nice relaxing evening.

    Look out for a nice box to put it all in and decorate it with pages of poetry or piccies that are appropriate to them.
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    What age is the bride and groom and what do they like?

    I found a Birthday Book for £3.99 in a discount shop which tells you what being born on a certain day or month means for your character etc. It is not actual astrology but could be used to make a personal present in pretty folder.

    You keep the actual book and then reuse it time and time again.

    If you have time how about a cross stitch picture with wedding date etc?

    Household box with things like candles - torch - batterries etc - all the things people do not think of when they move into new house.

    How about charity shops for pretty antique tea set etc - I just bought a lovely coffeee pot for £2 and it is perfect and goes with existing china.
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    Have you tried scrapbooking yet? There are loads of ideas out on the net. A lovely scrapbook (not like the scapbooks we used to make as children) but a really nice glitzy affair covering all the events of the day - order of service, menu, photos (the candid shots the official photographer doesn't get) confetti, maybe even some pressed flowers etc I know of people who would love this. I know it would not be ready on the day but perhaps you could hand over a voucher with a card indicating what you have planned.

    I also did a "This is your life" photo album for my daughters recent 21st birthday - worked really well so many thanks from me also to the OP :Awho suggested this.
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    I know that you already did the photo album thing...but if that gift wasn't for the wedding couple, could you make them one?

    If you got a really nice album and arranged it so that their baby piccies are together on the first pages, then add both of their pics at similar ages to the rest of their pages to make a joint 'story of our life' album.

    page 1: baby pics
    page 2: toddler pics
    page 3: first day at school pics
    page 4: birthday party pics
    page 5: holiday pics
    page 6: secondary school pics
    page 7: teenage pics
    etc........adding a recent photo of them both near the end and finally a blank page for them/you to add a wedding picture.

    obviously you would have to get hold of lots of treasured photos from other members of the family but you could then have these copied and return the originals.
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    The couple are in their twenties and they have been 'living in sin :D ' for a couple of years so they have a lot of things for their house already. They live away now so I don't know their friends anymore.

    They aren't into a lot, they work funny shifts (including nights) and they save up most of their spare time money and go away places. They cook a bit, when they have time.

    They are going to tour Canada on their honeymoon (lucky pair :) ). They like America too (esspecially New York) and have been there a couple of times and want to go again.

    Sorry, I'm not very helpful am I.

    Love the power point idea but I the best man has something similar planned for the speech that I suggested (he is planning either, something similar or a 'Through the keyhole' video of their house with things planted i.e squares of newspaper for loo roll, saying 'the man of the house is obviously a bit cheap') so I don't want to tred on his toes.

    I like the idea of something they can keep (like the cross stich) and I like the pamper kit too. Thanks guys.
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    Get them martin's book!
    Have you ever home brewed? You could make something personalised for them to be opened on a future anniversary.
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    As someone who is in her twenties and getting married this summer, I really liked Pookys idea of the pampering hamper.
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    I have a couple of idea's from our wedding. My Auntie got us a guest book, which got passed round and people put messages in which was a lovely idea and something we can look back on, just check with them first to see if they have one as we had already brought one but were able to take it back, you could always make one of these with some nice paper from a craft shop. Another idea is a photo album, our photographer did a deal where you could have 30 photos in an album, but if we ordered 30 photos without the album we saved £100.00 so my Mum brought us a really nice album which wasn't very expensive from TK Maxx.

    Or just had another idea a photo album for the honeymoon photo's, one of our friends got us a nice one which got us to have them printed instead of keeping them on the computer.

    Are they having a wedding video? One of our friends did ours as an pressent as we said we couldn't afford it. It would have cost £600 and it was just as good as a professional and they filmed all day and night.
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    A traditional wedding cross stitch sampler is great - I love mine & my sister has a really nice one too.
    One of my friends bought us a passion flower, which I thought was a lovely gift. Some friends who got married last weekend bought themselves a magnolia bush as their present to each other.
    How about buying them an "experience" for when they get back from honeymoon - money might be a bit tight for them & they're bound to fell a bit flat after such a great holiday. Something like theatre tickets for a night out?
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