PS4 web connectivity issue:

Hey all,

I got a PS4 for Christmas, it quite happily connected to my parents internet, but now, I have returned to my own house and it wont connect to mines. My issue I believe is that I solely depend on my mobile hotspot for my internet, which I tether to my laptop and tablet. I've seen others post online saying they've managed fine, but mines wont connect at all.

I've got a Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8), can anyone suggest anything I can do to make it work?




  • Hey chris, I too had this problem, but I called support and they were able to fix it, all you have to do is shut ur ps4 off completely, and then once it is off hold down the power button until you hear 2 beeps,, this will put you in safe mode, and then you just have to restore default settings and then it will work
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    Does your network provider allow you to tether?

    Wonder how much data you would be using.
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    Thanks for the respones.

    In responding to the first reply, wouldn't that just be doing a hard reset and deleting all my stuff on it?

    To the second person;

    Yes, I am permitted to tether, I have been doing so since around June and have in some months used 150+ GB of data. That isn't the problem.

    EDIT: Ok, found a solution on the European Playstation Community website (which I probably should have just registered for and asked on). For anyone else who may see this with the same issue, I went to Easy Setup for internet, then instead of selecting my wifi on the list of networks I went to the bottom and manually entered the name, selected the security type and entered the password, it then connected.
    Thanks all :)
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