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ps3 hard drive question?

hi guys i was tempted to buy the ps4 for my lad this year for christmas but decided against it as he's only 7 and just started playing the old gran turismo game earlier this year, ive had the ps3 since they came out back in 05 i think but it died on me a few weeks ago with ylod and ive been heating it up but its really dying now and i dont want to buy ps4 till next year as 1 theyre too expensive just for my boy to treat it like crap as he does with ps3 and 2 theres no decent games out yet!
now ive just seen the tesco 12gb offer for £99 but i believe the hard drive wont take a lot of game data so is it possible for me to take my hard drive out of my ps3 1st gen and fit it into the slimline, i know how it comes out easily but wondered if theyre compatible?


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