Back to basics with pavlovs_dog: the £6k sprint

A new year offers the chance to refocus on goals. After a challenging 2013 saw us take our eye well and truly off the financial ball, I felt it best to retire the old diary and start afresh.

We bought our house in 2010 with a mortgage of £131k. Thanks to reasonably regular and disciplined OPs from the outset we've managed to reduced our balance to just a shade over £116k in 3 years. We're on a fairly humble budget, so there'll be no grand OPs here. We're long haulers chipping away at the beast £1k at a time.

Our five year fix expires in June 2015, and by that point we want to have a LTV of 60-65% to enable us to have the pick of the market when we re-mortgage. Whilst the long term MF aspiration is greater financial freedom (perhaps to move up the ladder, travel, retire before we're too decrepit to enjoy life etc) in the mid term a manageable mortgage debt will be key to making sprogletts a financial viability.

Through a combination of capital reduction and OPs we want to try and end 2014 with a balance as close to £110k as possible. This will keep up on target for our MFI3 aim of having a £106k balance by 2015, but will also let us build up a float in case we need to pay product arrangement fees to get the best deal when we remortgage. £6k is a healthy but achievable challenge if we maintain focus and discipline throughout the year.

How are we going to do it? Well by practising what I preach to the kids I teach... do the basics well and the results will follow.

We look forward to having you along for the ride :D
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    pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    The journey so far

    Year/Opening/Closing/capital reduction/OP/OP as % of CR /Daily interest

    2011 /£131,911.11 /£126,985.62 /£4925.49 /£1800 /36.5% /£14.81
    2012 /£126,985.62 /£120,984.06 /£6001.56 /£2014.82 /34% /£13.92
    2013 /£120,984.06 /£116,???.?? /£? /£? /?% /£13.36

    Mortgage free in three take 3 (MFi3 T3) - £106k by 2015

    MFW 2014 - OP £2000
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  • AlchemillaAlchemilla Forumite
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    Lovely to see you back. Good luck.
  • slowlyfadingslowlyfading Forumite
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    Nice to see you back on the boards :) Good luck!
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  • Looking forward to seeing the 2013 stats ;) Love me some number crunching :j
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  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. We were spoilt rotten. Don't think I'll need to buy toiletries until well into 2015! Lots of bits for the house too, 2014 will be the year we start putting our own stamp on the place.

    Plan today is for a lazy PJ day. Going to start finding a home for presents and make a list of things we need for Christmas 2014 (cards, wrap etc) to take advantage of the sales.
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  • kansaskittykansaskitty Forumite
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    Well done on your mortgage capital reduction so far, that's fantastic! Your financial plans sound very sensible and hopefully achievable too. I didn't read your old diary but I shall follow this one with interest, thanks for sharing!

    I love your journey so far stats, I am at my in laws for Christmas but I will be home tomorrow and I will get our exact figures too, they look very motivating. I know them roughly but I will get exact.

    Merry Christmas to you! We also got some lovely presents (Dyson Animal ball vacuum cleaner, wahoo!) and I am also going to get cards, wrap etc tomorrow in the sales!

    What age kids do you teach? I teach reception and hubby teaches yr 5/6.

    Subscribing! KK xx
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    I thought I'd add it as a reminder of how far we've come. Easy to lose sight of it really when the road ahead is still mind bogglingly long! I love watching the daily interest fall in particular. To think it was just shy of £15 a day when we first took out the mortgage :eek:

    I teach secondary languages. Couldn't imagine being mummy to 33 little ones (being mummy to 33 big ones is challenging enough, and they can blow their own noses... well, for the most part :D)

    Had a lovely, lazy boxing day. Fell asleep on the sofa watching films with OH at about 8pm and am now wide awake! So exhausted after last term that nanna naps have been an almost daily feature. OH back to work tomorrow, I may wander into town for a mooch at the sales. It is only a 10 minute stroll from the house so I can wait for the gales to subside, don't want to end up doing a Mary Poppins impersonation!!!
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  • CathTCathT Forumite
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    Hi Pavlov's, think i'll join you on going back to basics. Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays.
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  • Good luck pd!!:D
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  • gallygirlgallygirl Forumite
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    Good Luck PD :j
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    :) Mortgage Balance = £0 :)
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