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MSE News: Giving gift cards for Christmas? Make sure you know your rights

"If you're thinking of buying gift cards for Christmas, bear in mind the firm won't always honour them if it collapses..."
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Giving gift cards for Christmas? Make sure you know your rights


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    The thing is with cash, I had received cash for Christmas and birthdays, pay it into my bank account and forget about it. It gets absorbed by day to day stuff.

    Many shopping centres offer their own gift card to use in the shops in there. Been given them before.

    If you do want to give gift cards to people, make sure the recipient shops there AND there is a shop near to them. I don't shop at Next, and I can guarantee I get one either Christmas or birthday in Feb. I just use it on some perfume or earrings. Plus about 10 years ago, I was given gift vouchers for a chain of shops and the nearest one to me was 60 miles away! I went to London for an o/n stay a few weeks later (planned before I received gift vouchers) and managed to spend it there.
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    Gift cards are there to reward someone(eg. employee of the month, person completing online surveys etc.) without there being any TAX liability.
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