Cold Pressure (Low) in Kitchen Tap

I seem to have got a problem with my kitchen tap, the pressure seems to be really low. This only affects the cold water where its running really slow. Hot water seems to be fine and running fast.

The bathroom seems to be fine and this is close to the mains water.

The outside water supply also seems to be fine and this comes off the cold water that runs to the kitchen sink, any ideas what the issue is? I assumed it could be blocked air but if the tap outside runs fine i'm assuming this might not be the issue.

I'm guessing the taps at fault? Any thing I can try before buying a replacement. Thanks in advance for any responses.

The tap in quetion is similar to this:


  • Knill
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    Could be a bit of crap in the pipe.
    Could also be due to a isolation valve not being fully open.
    Not sure what else it could be, unless it was the tap.

    If you see an isolation valve, which should look something like this

    Make sure the slot on the middle is fully vertical (Like l, not -)

    If it was crap in the pipe, you could check it yourself although it all depends how its piped up.
  • DevCoder
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    Could also just be the tap valve which is knackered, we had a similar issue, swapped the valves between hot and cold which proved one was goosed. Replacement was about £4
  • darkcloudi
    darkcloudi Forumite Posts: 550
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    Thanks guys, will have a look at these next weekend and report back, won't have a chance today as need to get behind the washing machine.

    Bought another tap from B&Q hopefully with the methods you suggest above will save me this huge expense, and can return the tap. Rather spend £4 then £139 :)
  • darkcloudi
    darkcloudi Forumite Posts: 550
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    Just an update on the above, appears the cold water started to work again. Did nothing to it and it magically worked today :)

    Only thing that has happened is the washing machine was switched on, not sure if this helped in anyway. But it now works.
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