Lenders fundamental Breach of mortgage contract

My existing Mortgage provider has been issued with a 14 day notice over its fundamental breach of my mortgage contract.

I am reclaiming £37,500.00 in mortgage payments and other cost since the lenders breach 3rd February 2009.

I am happy to continue paying the full term of my mortgage upon the lender providing a signed disclosure document for the application they claim was conducted on 5th February 2009. Unfortunately they have previously admitted they cannot produce this document.

Many of you will know of my previous posts and say this is not a breach of my contract. However, my contract states as a condition that upon application a valuation fee of £355.00 is paid.

The falsification regarding data claiming to have collected this payment on the 5th Feb with my debit card is however a fundamental breach, along with the other frauds documented contained in the faked application documents.

On friday the lender called me asking me to contact them regarding a letter issued on 5th November 2013, I have been advised not to discuss any issue and i have written to them to reply with their position in writing.

I realise that to many of you reading this thread, will be frustrated and maybe annoyed, however it is now inevitable that this issue which has destroyed my well-being and prospects will be resolved in court.

I wish to thank the professionals who have advised on this site for their expertise.

Thank You.


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