GT & the PPI battle!

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Hi, I have had a running battle with GT after successfully completing my IVA in Sept 2012 and receiving my completion certificate from MDC Sept. 2012. I heard nothing for months then GT stared hounding me with letters stating my IVA was still 'active'. This has caused uneccessary stress, stress that i thought i had put behind me whilst in the 6 year IVA! GT are trying to claim back my mis-sold PPI. I have claimed back some myself, yet they insist my IVA is still active (i have certificate and have been removed from insolvancy register), and they want the remaining ppi claims to go direct to them to disseminate to my creditors?! They have already received one ppi payment. My understanding is that i successfully completed my IVA, indeed i have my certificate to prove this, plus i am no longer active on the insolvancy register (removed), yet all GT keep saying is that i need to contact them regarding my ppi claims and that until all ppi claims are made (throught them), i remain 'active' in an IVA??? I have sought advice and although it is still a grey area i have been told to forget GT and get on with my life as i am no longer on the insolvancy register and completed my IVA therefore GT cannot retrospectively re-open my IVA? Is this official?? Please help??
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