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hey everyone

I'm not sure if this is in the right forum or not so if it isn't could it please be moved :)

I am 19 years old and have just got a job at m&s on a 6 week contract over the Christmas period, I started on the 18th November. the pay is £6.60 an hour and I will be averaging 37 hours a week. they will be paying us weekly (they're still sorting pay out)

before starting at m&s I was in education doing a full time apprenticeship which was £95 a week also paid weekly. a week before I was due to finish the company went into admin so couldn't pay us which I accepted and found a job.

the company I was with previously got bought out and they paid us our last weeks wage yesterday which concerned me due to me getting the job with m&s.

so my question is will me getting paid what they owed affect my me in regards to tax or will hmrc know this?

sorry for any confusion and thanks for any advice you can give


  • From this tax year (this April to next March) are you going to earn more than £9440 before tax? If the answer is no, you won't owe any tax. If at any point, tax is taken even though you earn no more than £9440, you can claim tax back. How to do that depends on when you claim, either it is from the current tax year or any tax year which has already ended.
  • Thanks for the reply :)

    no I won't, ill earn £1500 roughly over the 6 week contract.

    so my previous employer paying me missed wages whilst working my new job won't affect anything?
  • No effect... if your income from this April to next March is under the £9440 limit.
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    You really need to give a proper answer to the question Delphina asked, which was how much you expect to earn in the whole year, not just in the M&S job. It's unlikely to be an issue if your only income for the first part of the year was your apprentice wage, but it's not possible to be sure without that answer.

    Also, did you get a P45 from the previous employer, did you hand that in to M&S, and did the last week's wage get paid before or after the P45 was issued?
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