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Hi im new to this thread and would appreciate a little advice please.
In 2006 I entered into an IVA as I owed around £28000 and couldnt pay it.
All my debts were included.
I offered a full and final settlement figure which was accepted in 2008. The IVA was therefor classed as completed and I received my certificate of completion. Although it stayed on my credit file for 6 years from the date of first entering an IVA.
My lesson was well and truly learnt and I never turned to credit again with the exception of one credit card which I pay off in full every month.
This week I received a letter from santander (who I have never had any dealings with) stating I had to pay more then £3000 in interest from I loan I had with them. I suspected identity fraud and rang them straight away. It seems that Alliance and Leicester, who I did have a loan with back in 2005 (which was entered into the IVA) have for some reason passed my debt onto them.
I told Santander when I was on the phone to them that the loan with Alliance and Leicester was entered into an IVA in 2006 and she said she will have to look into it and get back to me but it might take sometime.
I am now wondering what will happen. I thought if a debt was included into an IVA and the IVA was then subsequently completed then that was the end of the debt.
I am a little concerned that I will now be chased for a debt of more then £3000 that I was told would be wiped when I completed my IVA.
Any help or advice would be very much appreciated .
Thanks :)


  • Send them a copy of the completion certificate and leave it at that. You won't have to pay anything....if they call again ask for the a copy of the credit agreement you signed with them ( or not as the case will be ).

    Some peoples will still get letters from companies that buy up debt in the hope that some people will pay long as all your original liabilities were included in the IVA, then don't worry.
    "Dream World" by The B Sharps....describes a lot of the posts in the Loans and Mortgage sections !!!
  • Heres an update of whats happened.
    It turns out Santander has taken over Alliance and Leicester and for some reason a log of the unpaid loan was on their system but without any reference to it being entered into an IVA. Luckily I have kept hold of every document I received from the IVA including the page that states Alliance and Leicester had voted yes to the IVA application.
    I rang the company I had the IVA with and explained the situation and they have contacted Santander on my behalf with all the proof needed to show the loan in question was entered into an IVA and successfully completed. They have told them to have no further correspondence with me except an apology as they are breaking the law by pursuing me for a debt that has been the subject of a successful IVA.
    Thankfully I now believe the matter to be successfully resolved and I can live stress free again. :D
    Im so glad I kept all my old documents as that helped too.
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