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MSE News: Petrol prices at lowest since 2011, AA says

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"The AA says unleaded petrol prices fell from 132.16p/litre to 130.44p/litre from mid-October to mid-November..."
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Petrol prices at lowest since 2011, AA says


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    But in areas without much competition, such as Clacton in Essex and Newark in Nottinghamshire, drivers are paying up to 131.9p/litre.

    Neither of those two towns have an Asda with a fuel station. Coincidence?

    However, taking Clacton as an example, according to a recent Channel 4 series called Bouncers, the best thing about Clacton (known locally as Smackton, or Crackton-on Sea they said) is the A133 out of there. As they said, it's a sad, old, run-down, seaside town.


    The A133 leads you to Colchester, where Asda today are selling petrol at 127.7p/litre. With a bit of planning, I'm sure those who are unfortunate enough to live in Clacton and can afford to run a car, can fill up in Colchester :)

    Don't forget to apply for a Luma cashback credit card too. Paying with that gives a further 4% (over 5p a litre at current prices!) cashback.

    But it's their money and if some people want to pay over 8 Bob a gallon more for the same stuff locally, that's up to them.
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