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Well DRO was accepted, Wahoo! Can't wait for the 12 months to pass, am already counting down the days!!

Now that said, I've checked out my credit file and the majority are settled and up to date - except 3 by the debt collectors... Doesn't shock me.
My credit score however is scraping the barrel, wasn't expecting the best score in the world, but to go from 450 down to 130 made me laugh and get extremely worried.
How does one claw back their credit score to a reasonable level? My phone contract is ticking over, as I need this for day to day living.
I've heard of a PAYG credit card where you pay £4.99 a month and it shows as payment made and settled at the end of 12 months. Has anyone else done this? I'm not sure what to do, I'm obviously going to get my credit file cleaned up, make LIMITED searches and save scrupulously.
Any advice? As I'd ideally like to be over this blip in 6/7 years time. I've learnt my lesson the hard way. :/


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