Apply for a 60+ Oyster card - its easier than you think.

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Hi just to help out anyone who is about to apply for a 60+ Oyster card

London residents become eligible for a 60+ London Oyster photocard on their 60th birthday.

The application is straight forward but where someone can get stuck is when they have to add their passport number as its not the normal number but the full number that appears at the bottom it looks like this { this is not a real number }

3142729832GBR5310226M2302232 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 06

its split into areas so the fields will look like this

3142729832 GBR 5310226 M 2302232 06

as the form is time limited your best to save the details in a text file so that you can copy them over after double checking everything. { get one number wrong and it will fail the verification }

The image you use is similar to a passport type image – the one I used was 1000 by 800 – for some daft reason they don’t give you a hint as to the size but it accepted my one.

You can apply 14 days before you are 60 and it costs £10.

The only tricky area was agreeing to the terms and conditions as its in a fixed window and you have to scroll to the bottom where the tick box is – if you don’t tick you don’t pass go.

I applied just after midnight { 14/11/2013 } and at 07.20 { 14/11/2013 } they had approved my image and they posted the card out at 09.50 { 14/11/2013 } so that is amazing fast work.

The actual card arrived 16/11/2013 and I tested it straight away - you can also register the card in the normal way and you will be able to list your History.

I know filling in a form can be a pain but seeing I have had two strokes so if I can manage it then most should be able to get though it quickly – the trick is to have everything prepared.

Be sure to have a read at

and fully read ‘ Q: If I get a 60+ London Oyster photocard, do I need to complete another application when I become eligible for a Freedom Pass ? ‘ by opting in they will let you know when you can apply for a Freedom Pass.

once you have the card you have free travel on London Bus/Tube/tram/DLR and London Overground at any time -

Trains are a bit more complicated so see

its strange because you can apply for a freedom pass at the Post office but you can only apply online for a 60+ card.

how did others find the application process ?

any hiccups ?
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