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Just thought I'd share my good news.
After years of suffering trying to juggle my debt(and my beautiful significant others) I have finally had to give in.

I have just had my IVA agreed and I wish I'd done it sooner, I fought on robbing Peter to pay Paul for years trying to protect my job which is in financial services. My income is reasonable and even though I had a £100k of debt I was still getting accepted for more credit, most recently another credit card with a £6k limit (I bet that underwriter is getting a b******Ing now).

When I finally decided enough was enough I was fully expecting to lose my job but have been astounded by the support that I have received from my employer and I still have my job.

I've got a payment of circa £400 a month which is manageable and the usual property restrictions/release clauses. Dividend is just shy of 15p in the £ which will probably double over the 5 years with my small bonus and eventual equity release.

There is hope out there and light at the end of the tunnel and just thought I would share it.:j


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