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FedEx invoiced me for £100 "duty/tax" charge, on top of the cost of shipment



  • timbo58
    timbo58 Posts: 1,164 Forumite
    I think you're right -not because I was ever legally obliged mind you, or even morally so, but because fedex etc will at the very least refuse to deliver to me again and I am not going to scupper future purchases that way for the sake of £11 odd.

    Only problem now is despite CA accepting and banking a 'full & final' cheque for £9.26 they are still chasing a £20.01 invoice which clearly isn't going to be paid.
    I've told them to either reply accepting the £9.26 or send a new accurate invoice for the outstanding.
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  • alanbing
    Fed Ex charges are ridiculous. Vat is one thing, but for fed ex to profit from this is wrong.
    Sounds to me the value of the shirts were overestimated.
    Shirts in Thailand are cheap, the value should come from the place of origin.
    I bought some trainers from Taiwan and was never made aware of these charges. Fed Ex should return the goods to sender.
  • SUEC_3
    SUEC_3 Posts: 1 Newbie
    I purchased a prom dress for my daughter from what i thought was a uk co (the web address was .co.uk) . The item was delivered and was unsuitable. The company refused to give me a refund, despite uk law, or provide me with an address to return the item. I eventually had to go through my bank and visa and claim through them as i had been misled into believing that i was purchasing the item from a uk co. I have now received a demand from dhl for duty and vat. I have explained the situation to them but they have advised that if i dont pay the amount they are requesting then they will instuct a debt collection agency.
  • Staffs_Flyer
    Never heard of this before until yesterday when I received an invoice from Fedex asking me to pay duty, tax and advancement fee.

    The VAT is fine, I don't mind that as I am legally obliged to pay that to HMRC when buying from outside EU.

    The problem was they wanted £12 advancement fee.
    This was because they pay the duty and tax for you to enable quicker release and delivery, and then ask you to pay them back.
    I emailed them and said I was happy to pay the duty and tax but no way was I paying an advancement fee of £12.
    I hadn't agreed to any of this so sod off!

    Within the hour I had an email saying they had reviewed the invoice and a credit of £12 had been added to it.

    You have no legal obligation to pay that fee.

    They are just trying it on the same way parkingeye do with parking charges.

    This should be highlighted more as they are charging people 2.5% or £12 whichever is greater, and most people will just pay it thinking it's all part of the 'service'.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Thread is from 2013.
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