NPower Go Fix 11 tariff...not actually fixed?

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Hi MSErs,

I signed up to NPower's Go Fix 11 tariff for electricity back in May 2011. It is set to expire in May 2013.

Like many others I have received the 'woe is us' letter from NPower this week to notify me of the forthcoming 10.4% price rises. Looking at their site I see Go Fix 11 will not be exempt from the price hike.

So what I am trying to ascertain is how they can increase a 'fixed' unit price/tariff?

I have tried to find online what the original price structure was, but with no luck - will have to root around to find the original documentation!. If it is just a fixed discount off their standard rate than I can understand why the tariff is not exempt.

Does anyone know any further details on Go Fix 11? Appreciate any insight.



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    It was a genuine fixed price tariff. But as you said yourself "set to expire May 2013". This is November! It was set to expire not is set to expire May 2013! If you didn't choose a different tariff back then then you have been on the Standard tariff since 21 May.
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    Sorry yes, my bad. I meant to say May 2014 it ends. I signed up in May 2012. But your reply has prompted something even more of concern!

    My current bill still states I am on Go Fix 11 - Elec 24hr tariff.

    Further down in the bill it states my predicted usage from 23rd May 2013 to 22nd May 2014 and again states Go Fix 11 Electricity/Fixed Monthly Direct Debit.

    So I take all of this to mean my tariff runs to 2014... But if you look up Go Fix 11, everywhere seems to state the tariff ended in May 2013? So I guess they are honouring the 2yr fix despite ending the tariff.

    Think I need to confirm with NPower my current tariff and expiration of the 'fixed' price!
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    Go Fix 11 expired on 21st May 2013. You've been on the standard tariff since. Switch to something cheaper.
  • Remember that PRICE FIX only means the actual cost of the units of the gas/electricity. Thus a freezing winter when useage goes up will hike your unit consumption and will prompt the hop-along accounts department to amend your monthly direct debit-upwards -of course.
    As for upping the unit costs during an agreed contract period, that I believe is now forbidden by Ofgem
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