Windows 7 update prob, 143 updates and keeps reverting them

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I have an Acer Aspire One netbook, can't remember the model number but it is the one with Windows 7 Starter and Android systems.

It has been playing up for a while now so after googling I found how to do a restore to factory settings.

It has started working again but it keeps going to update windows, up to around 143 updates!

We bought it about 4 years ago so I suppose there would be quite a few to update.

Anyway, once it has updated it is switching itself off, but, when I turn it back on it says 'Failure configuring windows updates, Reverting'.

So it is taking them all off again and then trying to put back on when I close down so it is going into a loop.

Can someone give me advice on how to correct this please.

I am not technical at all, was quite amazed that I managed to restore to factory settings to be honest.

Is there a way that I can download them in small amounts instead of it trying to do them all at once.



  • Go into windows updates from the control panel (START Menu >> Control Panel >> Windows Updates) and then see what is already ticked (ready for updating) and untick all those updates. Now tick a few of them (i.e. 10 of them) from the earliest date and then click on INSTALL UPDATES. This will manually install the 10 oldest updates. If you do this for the next 10 updates and then the next 10 etc you can slowly but surely see which update (if any) is tripping the computer. It could just be a faulty/worn out hard drive though.
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    One of the updates may be knackering the entire batch. When you do an update, it may be worth selecting critical only and then do the optional ones later at which point you can narrow down the culprit.

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    The restore will be reverting to the original version of win 7 and since that time Service Pack 1 has been introduced which contained a lot of revisionss.

    I suggest you initially change the update settings within Control Panel to NOT download updates automatically, reboot, and then go to the Microsoft website and download Service Pack 1.

    This should cover a lot of the updates you are being swamped with but will install them in the correct order.

    After that, get the system to check for remaining updates and, as suggested above, install a few at a time.

    I recently did the same as you but for an old laptop running XP and had update problems. I finally got SP3 installed and then gradually installed the outstanding updates.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks everyone for your advice.

    I had googled but there are so many answers I wasn't sure which to use.

    I did find instructions (before I got your replies back) to do a ' Clean Boot ' (didn't have a clue what that was) so did that yesterday and then reset to the original ticked boxes.

    It seems to have solved the problem except for saying there are 3 updates, 2 critical and one other.

    I will close down and see what happens when I start up again.

    Will be back later with more questions, thanks for your help in this folks, it is much appreciated.
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