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Hi All,
I'm currently trying to manage my credit file as i am wanting to get a mortgage.
I have 4 defaults on my file, 2 from an old address:

BT £114.00- default date 25/03/09
Virgin £320.00 default date 21/01/2008

and 2 at current address

BT 120.00 default date 20/12/12
HOIST Financial £633 13/07/2008

I have contacted the companies above as i don't recognise any of the charges and have still not received any response, as for the BT debts ive called them but they wont speak to me as i do not have any details regarding the accounts. what can i do to clear these debts as i really want a mortgage?

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    When you say you have contacted them - have you tried writing to them all?
    That would be my first starting point - to write and say you have noticed them on your file and have no knowledge of the alleged debt and ask them to provide details of it.

    You can also ask the relevant credit refernce agency to investigate them.
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    Your credit file has addresses of the companies who filed reports on your credit file- these are the addresses you need to write to.
    If you are really sure they are not your debts you should ask the CRA to ask the companies who filed them for proof. When they are chased up from both sides they are more likely to act quickly.
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