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Introducing an older dog to an elderly cat

edited 29 October 2013 at 1:23PM in Pets & pet care
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debie_2debie_2 Forumite
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edited 29 October 2013 at 1:23PM in Pets & pet care

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice.

I have a 21 year old tabby cat who I have had since he was 1 and half years old. He is blind and deaf now, so does not venture very far these days and tends to sleep most of the time. He has never lived with a dog.

A friend of a friend is desperate to find a home for her 8 Year Old Spaniel who is used to living with a cat.

Do you think I could successfully introduce an older dog to the cat or is it a NO NO, and if so how would I do it.

We have a 3 bedroom house with very large garden, a conservatory plus 2 sitting rooms so could keep them seperated, (at least to begin with) or is it selfish, to even consider introducing another animal to the cat.

Any advice would be much appreciated.




  • ArtytartyArtytarty Forumite
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    It's very kind of you to consider it but I honestly don't think it would be fair on your old boy. He's happy enough and has some special needs which you can look after. Someone else will be able to give the dog a home I'm sure. I was told by my own son , should say here he is a vet final year student ,not to get another cat because it would stress the one we have and he is nearly eleven.
    I'm so impressed and jealous that's you have had yours for such a long time! You might look back and regret making his final years tougher than need be.
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  • scaredy_catscaredy_cat Forumite
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    when my old cat was 22 yo, i rehomed a friends cat which didn't get on with their dogs. He was 7mths old.My old cat was blind and the problem i had was with the younger cat wanting to play with the older one. i made sure to stop him and once he was allowed out they did get on a little. my old cat would defend herself if Giz got too much and hiss and swipe him.
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  • Personally I would not.

    You may have a lot of space and time to think you can look after both but the cat will smell a "stranger" and it will stress him out.

    Amazing to have a 21 yo cat btw :)

    Can we have a photo please?
  • Thanks for all your advice yesterday, I think I knew the answer, but sometimes you just need someone else to confirm it for you ha ha.

    The Spaniel is now going to a Foster home next week, until he finds that forever pad, so he will be well looked after.

    My boy is doing really well for his age and I never thought he would still be with us, he has a great appetite to. I will try and post a picture later.

    Thanks again everyone

  • DimeyDimey Forumite
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    I think you made the right decision Debie.
    Old cats are so settled in their ways but being deaf and blind he wouldn't understand what on earth was going on. I think it would have been quite scarey for him.

    Sad about the pup though. Lets hope he finds a nice forever home soon.
    What a wonderful age your cat is. I expect you communicate through lots of strokes and cuddles. Does he like being groomed?
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