MSE News: Farewell to the Bush

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  • mehermeher
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    i'm touched :D i mean very cute. Something i like about mse and the team is that they keep it all transparent, and share everything. There is something very innocent and enchanting about the way it is always presented. Also did you notice that the team have stayed together for so many years. That says a lot about the great personalities in the team.

    congrats on your bold move away from that comfy zone and best wishes on your global :D ventures
  • MothballsWalletMothballsWallet Forumite
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    I hope the new location has a decent coffee bar nearby too :)
    Always ask yourself one question: What would Gibbs do?

    I live in the UK City of Culture 2021
  • NileNile Forumite, Board Guide
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    .........wonders what you'll do with the ladders from the bunk desks?:think::D

    I hope you'll all have a lot more space and soon feel settled.

    Maybe you'll dream about the old place.........and remember it with fondness.


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