buying new laptop and need advice

Hi I'm new here and need some help, I have a part time job and a low income, I'm currently studding and need to get a new apple laptop and want some advice on what credit card to use.

I want to get a card that has 0% on new purchases for at least 12 months and longer if possible. I know that I would be able to pay the minimum cost of the card to keep the 0% but I'm not sure I would be able to clear the balance in time, if I go for a 12 month deal. Could someone explain to me what the difference is between a balance transfer card and purchase card in simple terms, and would a balance transfer card help me if I'm unable to clear my bal in time on the purchase card.


  • jonesMUFCforever
    Two things spring to mind - if you are on a low income you might not qualify for a promotional rate credit card and secondly do you have to buy an expensive Apple computer when other cheaper brands/models are available?
  • YorkshireBoy
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    aidan8181 wrote: »
    I have a part time job and a low income, I'm currently studding
    Apprentice Joiner? Carpenter? ;)

    But seriously, how will you describe your occupation on a credit card application if "part time" isn't an option but "employed" and "student" are?

    And what's a "low income"?...£3K?...£10K?
  • aidan8181
    I have to use xcode so yes I need a mac, my income is 6k, any advice on how I would go about applying for a purchase card as being "employed" and being a "student" on 6k part time job or have I got no chance? I only need it for this one purchase then I will be cutting the thing in two any advice would be helpful?
  • jonesMUFCforever
    Out of that annual £6k how much is spare every month?

    Based on the answer is the monthly amount you can afford to repay.

    Come back with a bit more info - where do you bank and what type of account do you hold?
  • aidan8181
    Sorry for not giving enough info I'm all new to this sort of stuff

    Evey month I make 150 pound on the side fixing computers I would be planning on using this to fund the card, if I put more effort into it I could probs earn a bit more but with school and work I can't find the time at the moment

    The laptop is going to cost £1500

    I currently have 2 bank accounts one with Halifax that is a current acc which I get paid the 6k into, I also have a select acc with first trust bank but the money in there is for a rainly day only!

    I have an overdraft on the halifax acc which sometimes I go into
  • NiftyDigits
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    Perhaps you need to compromise. You can run it in a Virtual environment.

    If you fix computers, you can put something together.
  • bouncydog1
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    Why is it going to cost £1500? MacBooks start lower than that or you could get a reconditioned one. You need to post a statement of affairs on the debt free board first of all so you can be helped to up income and reduce costs so you have money to pay for the mac. If you are into your overdraft then you are going to struggle trying to pay for the mac.
  • chanz4
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    You can get mac books cheaper than that, op you can also get imac for cheap on tbay
    Don't put your trust into an Experian score - it is not a number any bank will ever use & it is generally a waste of money to purchase it. They are also selling you insurance you dont need.
  • aidan8181
    Thanks for the advice people going to look into a 2nd hand on and stuff the credit card, need a mac with certian specs and need to be able to bring it to school so has to be a mac pro been looking on ebay
  • coollittlew
    Don't forget you can get student discount on new apple products. It may be wise to get a lower end apple model with your student discount. Apple product hold their second have value well, so you could get the low end laptop for about £800 and when you are in a better financial position, sell it and get the higher model you want.
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