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November 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 21 October 2013 at 7:22PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • zippy and all, please can you put me down for £200 again so I can get a few bits towards xmas:) It's really keeping me on the straight and narrow and I appreciate all the time you must spend x thankyou :)
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  • Hi Can you put me down for £450 please. x :)
  • morning all,

    wow I cant believe we're headed to November already. we've had some good overtime during October so have stocked up on x-mas stuff before the money burnt a hole in my purse.

    I have planned to get 3 mirrors this week for the aldi vouchers and im going to get all the non perishables, frozen food, toiletries, wipes, treats and lunchbox fillers for November. which £120ish before November even starts, then hoping to keep it to £30 per week there after. with that in mind......

    Coxy- can I be put down for £250 please.

    Good luck for November all, and a HUGE thank you to all who help run the thread
  • i would like to join this month, starting on friday with £80 per week. thanks. :eek:
    October Grocery Challenge £400
  • I tried this a few months ago but didn't budget properly. I would really love to join the grocery challenge in November please. I am going to follow the advice at the start of the thread and have a guess at a budget first time round and keep all of my receipts so I can see where my money goes. I'm going to aim for £40 per week which is less than I spend at the moment, as it is a 4 week month my monthly budget will therefore be £160 for November.

    Keeping a budget is going to be a big difference for me as I tend to buy lots of food and think it is one of the areas that I can save on. It is only me and my 15 year old son to feed and the budget doesn't include his breakfast/lunch as he has these at school which I pay separately for.

    I'm off to read some of the meal planning threads now!
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    This month things are very tight after a mess up with my pay and having to pay for some work to be done on the house. My budget for November (starting today and ending 21st November) is £300

    I bought far too much last month and blew my budget. I also stocked up on some GF basics like bread flour, pasta and worcester sauce, cheese and shower gel on offer which have already bitten a hole in this month's budget before I even start:eek:

    I have written a meal plan up to the 3rd of the month and I have everything in for the main meals except carrots and garlic butter which isn't suprising given that I bought so much last month and have carried these meals over from previous meal plans as they didn't get eaten.

    I am also going to try and use up stuff in my freezer to make a bit of room for Christmas as we are entertaining from the 25th to the 27th and I want to make and pre prepare as much as I can. This will hopefully mean I dont have to switch on the freezer in the garage:)

    My meal plan

    T - Hunters chicken, spicy wedges and mixed veg
    W - Cottage Pie, broccoli and carrots
    Th - Sausage Pasta Bake
    F - Sundried tomato and chorizo risotto
    Sa - HM Pizza (DH is out)
    Su - Roast Chicken and treacle sponge and custard
    M - Sausage, beans and hash browns (DH out)
    T - Omlette, wedges and peas
    W - Chicken and orange tagine with rice (from AGCJ)
    Th - HM veggie pasties with chips and mushy peas
    F - Gammon (done in SC), egg, chips and beans
    S - Carbonarra and HM garlic bread (using gammon from Fri)
    M - Chicken, gammon and leek gratin with veg (from freezer)

    Lunches will be soup, beef/egg/cheese/tuna rolls or leftovers with fruit, HM cake/flapjack and a yogurt.

    Good luck everyone :)
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  • Hi guys! Thanks for running the thread again this month :)

    Still on October budget until next Tuesday, but I think I am ready to slice some money off my budget.

    With that in mind, for November I'd like to pledge £150 for the month.
  • CH27CH27 Forumite
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    Can I join again please?
    I'm doing £40 per week again.
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    she_who_can_not_cookshe_who_can_not_cook Forumite
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    Please can you put me down for90.00 I know I am going over in oct but I blame him for being off on holiday and moaning about being no food in the house ect ect ps I am sorry I can not get the red to stay on
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    I have placed an order with Mr T for delivery tomorrow. It's ages since I had a delivery but I didn't need a huge amount and it saves me shopping after work when I have a million other things to do this week.

    I am shifting the meal plan around tonight and having the sausage pasta bake (if i can find the recipe as we have emptied the living room to get some work done today) so I can avoid having sausages 2 days in a row as I am going to change one of my days to white wine and garlic sausages with courgette gratin as I got some ys courgettes that need using. They may be past it, I will have to check tonight.

    £2.00 to add for sweets today. :o
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