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new start

I am really lucky to be able to make a new fresh start. My wife and i are having to sell our house to clear our debts and to start a fresh. We are so determand NEVER to get into debt again, and as a result we will never buy anything that we can not afford straight away. As this is a fresh start we are after help and advice on where or what to buy regarding mobile phone networks tv car insurance etc. As i said we will never pay monthly again but we are lost as how to get broadband without line rental??? and how to get tv with out sky ?? we are moving into rented acc in one months time so any advice would be great. hope you can help cheers.


  • Congratulations on starting your debt free journey! Even though I myself are a MSE newbie, everyone has been more than friendly and helpfull. Lovely bunch really! :D

    I reckon when you move instead of paying extortionate Sky fees, simply get a freeview box. Yes you dont have as many channels but it sure beats paying out monthly for tv. (And you could be spending that tv time doing more mse saving ideas! :)
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  • Well done being so positive and determined on making a fresh start. :j I am a real newbie and have been on here less than a week. Already feeling really supported and more importantly, not alone!
    The thing that has really helped me already is the challenge board - I can't add a link as I'm new but the weekly spend challenge has opened my eyes and I'm only on the 2nd day. I know you can get broadband without line rental - I'll try and find out where I saw that and add it later if I do.
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