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in England
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hello there. looking for some friendly advice. Does anyone live in Winchester or the surrounding area? What are the plus points and not so good things?
Daughter is looking at University of Winchester, it not able to get to an open day before the UCAS applications need to be in.

Any information welcome!

TIA Inkie


  • I went to university in Winchester a couple of years ago. It's a nice town, not the most exciting place for a student but it has its perks, the main one being that it is small enough that most things are within walking distance, but the centre has all the main shops, so it's not villagey or anything. It's safe too, a lot of police around and not much crime.

    The student life isn't great, with only a couple of clubs, however Winchester uni does have a good union bar, and Southampton is fairly close by which has a lot more going on.

    In terms of housing prices it's very expensive as it's somewhere a lot of older people like to live when they retire I think.
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    It's maybe worth saying that even if she can't get there for an open day, if she can get there at another time she ought to be able to get a bit of a feel for the place, and the dept might find someone to show her around.

    What neil says is the kind of thing you ought to be able to work out without a visit, and your DD should consider what kind of student experience she wants: Big City, Campus, Collegiate, Town etc. Of course sometimes one merges into the other, eg Surrey is a campus Uni within walking distance of the town centre, whereas other campus Unis can be in the middle of nowhere ...

    It is a very pretty place!
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