E: 31/10 Win a £210 Paramo Velez Jacket (1xMens, 1xLadies)

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Question 1 - The Ladies' Velez Adventure Smock comes in how many colours?
3 <

Question 2 - The hood on the Velez Adventure Smock is...
fixed and roll-away <
There is no hood on the Velez Adventure Smock.

Question 3 - There is double lining on certain parts of the Velez Adventure Smock, for technical rucksack use - where?
Sleeves, from the elbow and below
Either side of spine and on the shoulders <

Question 4 - What Nikwax aftercare product should you wash your Velez Adventure Smock?
Nikwax Polar Proof
Nikwax Tech Wash Wash In <
Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof

Question 5 - Can the Velez Adventure Smock be washed at 30 degrees C?
Yes, all our laboratory testing so far suggests that you can wash any of your Paramo garments at 30C <
Definitely not.
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