Anxious wait after 'best and final offer'

We saw a house over the weekend (along with about 40 other prospective buyers) that we really liked. The vendors are after a quick sale so they set a deadline of 6pm today for 'best and final offers'. We spent most of the weekend doing all sorts of research on the property/road (crime maps, flood maps, asking/sold prices, a late night visit to see how the road feels in the dark on a saturday night, checked out what work has been done on neighbouring properties - because if we buy it we'll want to build an extension- etc, etc). We decided we wanted to make and offer and I've just clicked send on the email to the agent. I'm now a bit tied up in knots waiting for the response and the deadline hasn't even gone yet!

Just curious about other people's experiences of submitting a 'best and final offer' on a property - how long after the deadline did you hear back? Anyone been successful? (obviously some people are, but anyone here!) I'd love to hear stories...bit of a distraction while I wait!

Also, would you call the agent to confirm they've received the email? or do you think they'll send a confirmation back? I realised after I clicked send that I hadn't asked for any confirmation and think maybe I should have just in case is doesn't get through?

I'm not sure I'm cut out for the stress of buying a house! I wish you could just order a house off amazon...find one you like, a couple of clicks and it's yours.

ETA: I have no idea how this ended up on the mortgage free wannabe board - I meant to post it on the house buying board!
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