Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

'First a call from number 10....' blog discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's 'First a call from number 10.... then the site's cited as a model of citizenship' blog. Please read the blog first, as the discussion follows it.


  • kfn1502kfn1502 Forumite
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    Although an endorsement from the government isn't necessarily a good thing, it's good that they have recognised a useful website and are willing to promoting it.

    I hope many more people sign up to the MSE site and start saving money!
  • kopicbloodaxekopicbloodaxe Forumite
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    I love the comparison of scale with "friendly societies" and "trade unions".

    I'd like to think that MSE is a trade union dedicated to representing the interests of us, the consumers. If there's any injustice on a grand scale (bank overcharging, celebrity endorsement of dodgy products, etc) then Martin will go in to bat for us, raise awareness and challenge the status quo! (No, I'm not talking about popular music combos)

    The forum is also a VERY friendly society :D
  • The government report states 2.5 million visitors to the site and 1.3 million receive the email so why don't the other 1.2 million register for the email.
    Let's make the 'family' bigger!!
  • breidgebreidge Forumite
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    I agree oldandwise, everyone who is interested in saving money should be logged onto this site, but maybe i am being selfish in saying those of us already on it might then have bother getting to it. ha ha
  • NoahnewbyNoahnewby Forumite
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    Be worried Martin, be very very worried - the next thing you know they'll compulsorily purchase the site, ban such Forums as Gambling Introductory Offer Loopholes( Its bound to fall foul of some nanny state law) and following its special New Labour rinse and spin they'll sell it on the Stock Exchange and line their pockets.Then when the sites no earthly use any more they'll nationalise it and line their pockets again.;)

    Me - Cynical about politicians, political parties and the government? What makes you think that:D
  • The greatest thing about this site is infact not only the fact that it teaches you on how to be money savvy but also that through the forums it supports and encourages people. You can have a good money saving site without the forum but in my opinion it is the Forum that sets it apart as an excellent one.

    People can deal with the reasons behind their troubles and a lot of good comes from the sheer power of support given.
    Loving the dtd thread. x
  • vanoonoovanoonoo Forumite
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    delighted, as ever, to have been a small part of it :D wheeeee!
  • You don't think the government will embrace this kind of technology do you?

    They used to have a forum for NHS pensions and did not like what people said. Guess how they cured it, they shut it down how's that for democracy.

    Come one, wake up and join the real world but I would love to be proved wrong.

    I used to be a Labour party member but I left as I did not want to belong to old Tory, and I did that about 5 years ago I could see what was going on and it's about time we had a socialist party like labour used to be for the workers.
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