British Legion help needed please.

Hubby got medically discharged recently and TPTB lost all his paperwork which they eventually found but now we are having trouble sorting the appeal process.

Hubby is being treated for PTSD and I am trying to run a job (PT) and four kids. We have been told that the BL would help us go through it and to be honest when I ring the main line they are helpful but I struggle to understand what I have to do or what they are on about as I think I'm close to a break down myself.

The man on the phone gave me a local number as he thinks we need someone to talk to face to face to which I have left messages and no reply. I was then given two other numbers, same thing. The last number I was given I left two messages on and now the number has been disconnected.

Hubby has been on long term sick before discharge and he has had no support from anyone at all so we have no idea what we're doing.

I know people say "well you have a lump sum to keep you going" well I paid every penny off the mortgage to get it as low as possible.

I know I don't make sense I just need someone to talk to. I also struggle to hear so over the phone is no good. Hubby talks on the phone and agrees with everything they say but when he gets off the phone he has no clue what they told him

Hubby has also been going through tests for cancer so I'm a little miffed when people tell you to just calm down.


Forgot to say the lady on the phone yesterday said there had been a lot of redundancies and move rounds and she would ring me back with the right number but never rang.


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