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MSE News: App games which tempt kids to spend cash could face fines

"Games firms could be fined for tempting children to spend money while playing games on phones or tablets, the OFT says..."
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App games which tempt kids to spend cash could face fines


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  • Don't let the children play the games, simple. Or get games that do not need any coins purchased. It's very simple and I don't see why there is a full investigation into this.
  • I have no sympathy for parents for letting their kids play with their smartphones and getting a large bill as there is a way to stop this.

    On an iPhone

    Restrictions - the default is 0000 (please change this). To do this, select disable restrictions and then enable so you can add your new 4 digit pin
    Scroll down to in app purchases (on my phone this is the 7th on the list and turn it off.
    Then scroll down the menu to Require Password. The default is 15 mins and select Immediately.

    Also have a password that is not your child's name.
  • I_luv_catsI_luv_cats Forumite
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    If the games isn't a lite version then you have to wonder how the game is free?
    It's either going to be in-game adverts or an in-game purchase to recoup development costs.
    They are a business not a charity!
  • Percy1983Percy1983 Forumite
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    We have to protect people from themselves.

    With that I am considers buying a load of stuff and games then saying my nephew did it for a freebie.

    What happened to being responsible for your own actions?
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  • Have to say this should be all on the parents who use a tablet / phone like a free babysitter.

    Why on earth would you give them a device like this at such a young age especially one already filled out with card details!

    We need to stop protecting idiots from themselves.
  • Ban Barbie dolls that need endless accessories while you are at it.

    What about train sets, you have to buy mountains of tracks and switching gears.

    All the industry has to do is make everything TOP-UP ONLY.
    So the parents has to consciously use his/her credit card.
    If you give your children your credit card details, whom do you have to blame?
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    SparhawkeSparhawke Forumite
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    I especially like the picture that has been used on that news page, that kid must be about 2.

    I am nearly 36 and still use a Nokia 1661, children do not need overpriced smartphones and the parents who buy them should be liable for the bills that they are liable for, with no excuses.

    I do appreciate the need for legislation and stopping the practice of this 'gem buying' but at some point people need to be accountable for their own actions. I would much prefer a one off charge to play these games than endless payments.
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  • N20Y1DN20Y1D Forumite
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    If you walk into a shop and your child takes something off the shelves you are responsible for them, same thing applies here.

    Is it really that much of a chore to put in your password every time you make an online purchase?

    Its not the fault of the industry but the fault of the customer/customers parents.
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  • How many games companies are actually in our jurisdiction? How exactly will we fine foreign companies?
  • J_i_mJ_i_m Forumite
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    I absolutely agree with parental responsibility and I would also question the need to supply young children with acces to smartphones etc.

    However this business model is also too near the line of taking advantage of the vulernable. Just because someone is irresponsible doesn't give someone else the right to take advantage of them. If someome walked across the road without looking or waiting for the green man would you deliberately run them over? No, ofcourse not.
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