Minnie's Getting Life Sorted Diary

I'm starting a new diary and it will not only focus on getting debt free, as it will cover everything in my life including my aims.

Getting debt free
Getting qualified to do the job that I want
Declutter the house
Decorate the house
Help DH to start his own business

I think my current debt is £7500 but I will need to recalculate and check this figure.

At the moment I am doing a prep course, which should help me to get onto the course that I need to do in order to get qualified.

I really need to get the house decluttered and decorated, as been in over 2 years and not really done anything.


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    Yesterday was really the start to hopefully making things better for me and my family. Yesterday I was working from a handwritten list but I have now decided to have an online diary (hopefully it will keep me motivated)

    Quick shower
    Hoover and mop floor
    Empty the bin
    Clean a window
    Sort the under sink cupboard
    Wipe the worksurfaces over
    Dust on top of shelves/cupboards/furniture
    Wipe the window sill
    Sort out your T-towels, oven gloves apron, dispose of old one and wash dirty ones
    Wipe some door handles
    School & childcare runs
    Check oil & water in the car
    Pay money & cheques into bank
    Do 2 loads of laundry (1 x colours & 1 x whites)
    Attend college lectures
    Do freelance work that is in for today and write a plan of action for work account
    Do some work on blog
    Print paperwork and update accounts
    Check Nectar adpoints, Swagbucks, Swapits, Postcode lottery, Birthday bingo
    Quick dust and tidy in the living room
    Sort & update cv and look for part time work
    Dismantle the ball pit in dd's bedroom and sort through toys & decutter
    Give the bathroom walls another coat of paint
    Have a look at DH's ebay account in the hope of sorting the problem that he has with it
    Sort through black bag of clothes found in the shed - wash anything that is good and sort the rest in sell and bin piles
    Go to DIY store and get a new shower hose - sort the shower
    Find old cartridges that are in the office and package up for recycling
    Catch up with emails
    Make a to do list for October
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    hey minnie.

    my goodness that is quite a list. I don't know how you manage it on a daily basis, I am tired just reading it.

    what job is it that you want to do?? (sorry, i am a bit nosey).

    have a great (but busy) day.
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    I think I've started a trend. I saw your first post and thought someone copied mine until I started reading it lol.

    Your list of things seem to be a lot longer than mine lol. Although I haven't collated what else needs doing in my life! Like tidying my mess of a room for example.
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