MSE News: Faster energy switching demanded by new campaign

"First Utility has today launched a campaign challenging energy suppliers to move to one-day switching..."
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Faster energy switching demanded by new campaign


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  • Pincher
    Pincher Posts: 6,552 Forumite
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    I have never understood what the big deal is.

    Provided the meter reading is agreed by all parties, the rest is irrelevant in terms of how long it takes. Obviously if you fail the credit check etc. the switch becomes void.
  • Mr_K
    Mr_K Posts: 1,171 Forumite
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    edited 23 September 2013 at 2:09PM
    Taking 6 weeks to change supplier is a farce. Don't see any reason it can't be done within a week if you've got up to date meter readings and aren't in debt. You do still need the facility to cancel, but don't see why that still can't be done.

    With the current set up the great deal you had might not be so great after 6 weeks. Your gas and electricity can get changed over on different dates, to add to the confusion. .

    It's also a game of chance on whether you'll get cancellation charges if you don't know when the switch will be done. I'd like to see 'cancellation charges' made illegal to create a truly free market. They rarely existed a few years ago but are know commonplace as a disincentive to switch.

    As for First Utility why don't they just do it instead of waffling about it. The others will soon follow, as they copy each other, as we'll see when the price rises start coming next month (to coincide with the first cold snap I should think). Its all a big price fixing con which their govt. friends turn a blind eye to.
  • penrhyn
    penrhyn Posts: 15,215 Forumite
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    Sounds like an excellent idea, would mean you could switch away from FU more quickly so they don't FU over for too long.:D
    That gum you like is coming back in style.
  • MillicentBystander
    Whilst I also believe the time it takes to switch energy suppliers is verging on extracting the urine, I do think the head honcho at FU should maybe concentrate on more pressing matters closer to home.
  • Alex444
    FU pushing for change, is it April 1st?????
  • Atidi
    Atidi Posts: 943 Forumite
    A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) says: "We welcome any moves by companies to make switching energy supplier quicker and easier, so it's encouraging to see First Utility's proposal."

    Is that the same spokesman who also gave "warnings that customers still need to be given a cooling-off period to avoid pressure sales"
    i.e. the one that "said it was "vital" that customers were given time to reflect on their decision and change their minds without facing a financial penalty"

    If so, why was this omitted from the MSE article?
  • Trix3y
    Trix3y Posts: 39 Forumite
    As frequently posted on this and other sites irrelevant whether the switching is down to one day or several months.The real concern is whether you can afford to actually switch the heating on,incredible that this basic necessity keeps on rising. Government not interested and do not want to know as none of the millionaires affected by price rises. It makes me so angry that heating and food are becoming luxury items and yet our ministers busy themselves with wars and handouts to other countries seemingly oblivious to the suffering in Britain today.I so wish people would get up from behind their computers and descend in droves on parliament to express how they feel about living standards.only then might our politicians get the message (especially as election in 2015) Nobody got what they wanted in life by sitting at home
  • bignose2
    nPower taking ages to take over account.

    I applied to move from B.Gas to nPower, surprisingly they were one of the cheaper for single fuel GAS.

    I applied Mid Oct, it is now 8 weeks, they did say they had some applications problems (Their fault).

    I now get the email saying thank you for choosing npower, application should now only take 5-6 weeks.

    I have not heard anything for B.Gas yet, wanting a reading or anything so guess they have no contact yet.

    With Xmas looming I would not be surprised if it was towards the end of Feb. With the colder months of winter out of the way I am basically screwed because B.Gas has now gone on to a variable tariff which is about 30 - 40% more than the best rates I can get elsewhere.

    I use a lot of gas during the winter and this is going to cost hundreds more, I think about £100 per month at the dead of winter.

    Is there no obligation under Ofgem, I know in theory the new company is wanting your business & to take over asap but I do wonder if it is in all there interests to be a bit slow so when you come to the end of a fixed & don't want to tie into another you go onto the usually extortionate variable rates for a few months.

    Surprise, surprise, the energy companies win again.
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