02 Phones refresh, 30% Discount for Forces

Hi, does anyone know about this? some say use i.d. or Forces discount card instore, but 02 mention you need a code?? so just seeing if any forces/ex forces have used this offer, it is legit as I have asked 02, Thanks for any help/info...;)


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    Your employer needs to be registered with o2. If you use this link: https://o2open.co.uk/O2Open/servlets/SignUp.

    The company I work for has it listed among our benefits on our intranet. If your company is registered you will be sent a code which you can show to staff in the shop when you take out your contract. You can't use it online. Also, on o2 refresh, which phone tariffs and airtime tariffs separately, it is only 30% off the airtime tariff, not the phone tariff. You can get the 30% off for up to 5 friends and family. You may have to take all contracts out in your name, so it is something to question, as I think they will all show on your credit file.

    There is a FAQs section on the website given above.
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