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can some one help me please.ive just bought my house but it doesnt have gas supplied to the house from the road. brittish gas quoted me £550.00 to supply to te house via there any supplier who can do it cheaper. or what is the best way to go about it
many thanks


  • Hi there :)
    We too moved into a house with no gas supply. The only company that will run pipes into your house are Transco. They calculate the cost on how far away from the road your house is and the type of meter you require. We could not find a way around this and had to pay £250 to get a gas supply. :( Have you managed to find a way around using Transco? We also had problems with the installation of the meter. We wanted it outside but they struggled to find a suitable place so it's now in our hallway which we did not want. Hope you have resolved your problem!
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    there are some independent firms that can install a gas supply, however, this may limit your choice of gas suppliers.
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    there are some independent firms that can install a gas supply, however, this may limit your choice of gas suppliers.

    Is that true? I'm surprised at that with regards to dealing with leaks etc. it's all dealt with by Transco(I think), or are they independents registered to do work on behalf of Transco like Corgi Registration say. Could just see the mud slinging should anything go wrong on one of these installations
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    You only get a choice of who will be your transporter if u are a building contractor with a large site of houses.

    The odd person gets no choice in whether they use Transo or not.

    Transo is the only emergency gas company they will cover all mains pipes.

    (Whether on an IPGT site or not) (they then will deal with charges with the IPGT afterwards)

    OFGEM is bringing in competition SLOWLEY to this market but safety is paramount. You have a CHOICE of who supplies the meter (you can even buy your own meter) As well as the choice of who bills you for your energy. I believe British gas was doing a trial with United Utilites in some areas to supplier metering servies to their customers instead of Transco

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