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MSE News: Lloyds TSB and Bank of Scotland 'worst' for wrongly dismissing complaints

"Lloyds TSB and Bank of Scotland are the worst banks for wrongly dismissing customer complaints, says the Ombudsman..."
Read the full story:

Lloyds TSB and Bank of Scotland 'worst' for wrongly dismissing complaints


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  • opinions4uopinions4u
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    What are the numbers once you strip out PPI?

    Then you'll have an assessment of how the various banks are dealing with "normal" complaints.

    Either way, those Nationwide numbers are miles ahead of the rest of the field.
  • What is wrong with this country?

    We have a financial institution that's been caught with its pants down, with endemic mis-selling of a variety of products for over a decade. So the completely toothless financial regulatory bodies invoke a new system for customers faced with the mis-selling to get redress.

    Only it causes a completely new problem. First off, loads of these vulture like PPI and other claims companies popping up everywhere feasting on the rotting entrails of the situation. Then you have the banks themselves who are rejecting loads of the claims, apparently wrongfully it would seem.

    That's disgusting in and of itself, but the concept of these banks self-regulating the compensation schemes to compensate customers who they've mis-sold to in the first place? Is it me or that just stupid? They have a vested interest in rejecting claims, because it will save them money. Money that they have because of shady practices. So where is the confidence? Where is the trust? It doesn't exist and yet this is how the situation is being handled? For god sake, it's asinine.
  • reason2reason2 Forumite
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    im now wondering if i have made a mistake.

    I complained to lloyds for mis sold packaged account and asked for £500 back.. they said no but as a good will gesture offered £150.. at the time i just took it - would this affect me now going to the ombudsman as originally planned?
  • The overall uphold rate for Lloyds TSB is 86%. However, it is only 29% for life and pensions business, 26% for banking and credit, 23% for mortgages, 16% for investments and 11% for other forms of general insurance.

    So it is clear that PPI, which accounted for 12 times as many complaints against Lloyds TSB to FOS than all other put together is distorting the figures.

    This is likely to be a combination of lack of qualified staff and action to resolve complaints already sent to FOS.

    The banks had argued in court that these cases were outside of jurisdiction and did not want to settle before it was resolved (since if they won in court they would not be able to recover any money already paid out). However, even if they then go back and proactively make an offer FOS will claim that it was the result of its involvement that made the difference - even if it did nothing more than acknowledge receipt of the complaint.

    It reminds me of CMCs that claim to have made a difference by simply putting a stamp on an envelope.
  • Lies, damn lies, and [STRIKE]statistics[/STRIKE] PPI
  • SystemSystem Community Admin
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    I gather that BOS incorporates Halifax.

    In some of these polls, they are separated out and others they are classified as a single entity (like here)

    At first glance, it appears that Halifax had no complaints ;)
  • I find the wording of the article to be somewhat misleading. The ombudsman can overturn a bank's decision for the sake of an extra £25 compensation. This counts as a change against the business. it's not just that they've declined the complaint.
    Also, businesses automatically lose any complaint that takes them more than 8 weeks to resolve and there were a lot of ppi cases that went over this time due to the massive volume coming in.
    LBG took the decision to review all their cases with FOS any any change to the decision once FOS have got involved is again recorded against the business.

    Just another case of lazy, biased reporting from MSE.
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  • Hello

    Quick question. My wife had a PPI claim turned down by Lloyds.

    She was going to raise with ombudsman but left it longer than 6 months. Can she raise new complaint, if so how?

  • I have to say I can't fault Lloyds Black Horse. I had a loan from them 5 years ago and am on my last 2 payments (Yay!). But out of the blue they wrote to me earlier this year and asked me to check if I was paying for PPI I hadn't wanted, which I genuinely didn't realise I was (same DD payment monthly so no statements ever). When I sent back their form they wrote back within a week telling me I would be getting the full amount of payments back, plus interest and another 8% on top of the total amount as a sort of apology. That went into my bank within 28 days.

    Okay, they shouldn't have missold it to me in the first place, but I found their honesty somewhat refreshing. I don't know why they came forward to me but I'm not complaining!
  • Forget trying to get anywhere with a complaint about immoral Lloyds bank.
    Like all m a f i a controlled business, they are as tight as a drum.
    Complaining to the corrupt Financial Ombudsman will achieve NOTHING.
    I have irrefutable proof of Lloyds mis-selling my disabled son insurances, loans and overdrafts. My telephone calls were recorded. I have a secretly videoed tape of a meeting. I have a legal document (which I have proof they had in their possession although they denied it) which means they were not permitted to make ANY financial transaction with out my knowledge.
    Even more astounding they DO admit mis-selling the insurances, agreeing my son was not fit to make decisions on his own but when it comes to the big rip-off (£12,500 loans and overdrafts) they claim he WAS fit and he was not mis-sold.
    The Financial Ombudsman is letting them get away with it.
    No surprise they are the most complained about business but they are laughing! There is no way to get justice from these immoral thieves!
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