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Insulation in a flat

Hi, was wondering if anyone could help. We bought our flat in April 2012. It's a top floor flat in a three storey new build flat, built in 2002 by David Wilson Homes. As it's a new build I had hoped the flat would be plenty warm enough in Winter, but we really struggled when it got cold last year. The flat never seems to warm up, and even if the heating was on for hours heat was never kept within the flat which makes me question the insulation. There definitely isn't a problem with the central heating.

Before it gets really cold again I'd like to look into the insulation of the flat but not really sure where to start. I've reviewed the papers from when we bought the flat and in the energy efficiency forms it says that there is cavity wall and loft insulation, but next to both it says 'assumed'. In the papers the previous owners filled in they've put a cross next to whether the flat has roof insulation.

I'm going to enquire with the service company and/or the maintenance man who has access to the loft to find out if he knows what kind of insulation is up there and in the walls. Does anyone have any experience of getting insulation in a block of flats if sufficient insulation isn't in there? Is this something I would have to pay for, or should it be covered by the owners/builders of the building?

Many thanks


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    In 2002 a building regs certificate would have been issued which would have covered the levels of insulation current at the time.

    Bear in mind that last winter was exceptionally cold.

    It would be unlikely that the freeholder / management company have any liability to increase levels of insulation.

    To insulate the loft above your flat would be low cost and DIYable, subject to access.

    Not sure what heating you have, but you need to check temperature levels, that the boiler (if you have one) ha been serviced and all controls are set correctly.
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  • Thanks for the advice.

    I really don't think there's any problems with the boiler itself, and the radiators were piping hot all over.

    It was a cold winter, but it was really cold in the flat from around late September through to April. My main issue was that the heat seemed to just be escaping without the flat ever warming up.

    I think if we don't have any loft insulation that'd be that best course of action. There's a door to the loft on the communal landing, we'd just need to get in it.

    Do you think we'd be able to get the certificate that covered the level of insulation now?

    Many thanks
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    Ask the management company if there is cavity wall or loft insulation.

    Ours put in cavity wall insulation 18 months ago, the service charge paid for most of it, and each owner paid £100 towards it too.

    I have no idea whether the roof is insulated.
  • frugalmacdugalfrugalmacdugal Forumite
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    you might be entitled to a grant, depending on circumstances, have a look here, click on 'How free insulation works'.
    Y'all take care now.

  • Norman_CastleNorman_Castle Forumite
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    Check for drafts. Where pipework goes through floors or walls behind the bath or kitchen cupboards can be unfinished.
    Is their room around the radiators allowing the heat to circulate?
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