Google music vs spotify?

I'm currently using spotify premium and paying a tenner a month. I'm thinking of giving google music a go, has anyone tried it yet.... Any feedback appreciated - availability of songs, use ability etc.

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  • I think they want a card registered even for the free music.

    That was enough for me - Spotify 1- Google 0

    I am quite adept now to start a new track just before the old one finishes to avoid the adverts LOL.
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    Yes I use it and really like it! cheaper than spotify too for me!
  • To be fair it shares ll my music to all my android devices.
    But it's slow to scroll on my pc.

    That's the unpaid version.
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  • Try grooveshark - very similar to spotify - i use it for free (there is a paid version) but i also use it on browser on ipad and iphone which works a treat - as you can setup playlists etc and stream on the fly (as long as you have unlimited data or are on wifi) I stream through bluetooth in car - I highly recommend!
  • Personally I prefer Google Music for two main reasons.

    Firstly I found that it's much easier to browse music on the mobile app (which is what I use most). I found with Spotify you need to know what you're looking for.

    Secondly, with Google you can upload your own music and stream that anywhere. For example niether service has Beatles songs, but I was able to upload them to my Google Music account for my own use.
  • Google Music lets me stream from my iPad and PC to speakers. Spotify wants me to pay to allow this to happen. I haven't tried Deezer yet but I like the look of it more than Spotify
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    I'd stick with spotify if i was you.
  • Deezer is really good. Lets you download music so you dont have to stream all day - great if you arent on wifi or have limited 3g coverage at work or going abroad! Dont really like google music. If you pay for music amazon music app is good. Plus they have cheap deals on somethings too
  • I've started using bloom fm, the basic package costs £1 a month and allows you to download 20 tracks for playing off line, plus has a very slick interface.
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    As for unidays - if you get past this without a declaration of being a student, then it is a legitimate loophole, however a quick check reveals you have to verify your establishment and access via the Uni servers or establishment email.

    So, they do check.

    If you want half price music, use The current offer is £4.99 for premium access (6 months) and that's legitimate.
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