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This is the new forum thread for discussing the "Count votes" section in the guide:

The old thread can be seen here.
If you've got any suggestions or questions, please join in the discussion :)

Many thanks,
MSE Becca


  • PinzyPinzy Forumite
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    Well I called the electoral services of the local council, they asked me to email my contact details so I could be added to the list. We'll wait and see!
  • MSE_SarahMSE_Sarah MSE Staff
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    MSE Staff
    If you have any comments or suggestions on counting votes, please keep adding to this thread.

    MSE Sarah

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  • rose28454rose28454 Forumite
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    I have done both Polling clerk and counter and although counter is a shorter space of time I would only go for Poll Clerk again. I did the Brexit vote in a small village and although a long day was quite enjoyable. I got paid £120.00 plus £50.00 for the training evening that was only actually 2 hours.
    I recently did the count on the local elections and would not do it again. We started at 9.30 and finished at 3.10. It was £25.00 for the first hour and £12.50 oer 1/2 hour or part thereof. The count actually finished at 2.30 but they kept us there till 2.55 and the supervisor said stay till 3.10 and we will pay you till 3.30. But she knew a lot of the counters on my table and told them not to fill in their forms and that she would but she would count the time from 10.00p.m. So I decided to fill in and send my own form as we started at 9.30 not 10.00!
    Also the supervisors were all obviously connected with relatives who worked for the council and ours was a young lady who couldnt reven count and she got paid £10.00 and hour more than we did.
    A bit intimidating as candidates stand the other side of the table and lean over and one kept getting me to recount a pile. I was a bank teller for 15 years and can count quite quickly.
    Just my insight into the system
  • NingalooNingaloo Forumite
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    I applied to my local city council and was accepted within 48hrs. It was very easy to apply and I enjoyed the day. The count lasted from 8am until 5pm, quite a long day but it was with a nice bunch of people. My tip is wear something warm, they did not heat the area we counted in AND bring your own food & drink. Its a long day/night.
    Thank you to everyone who has helped me MoneySave
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