Buying a house with old electrics

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    Right well i personally don't see OP as clueless as you must know more than me to know to ask this question.

    By that i mean - i'm reading this wondering what's wrong with 1950s wiring? Obviously something to have everyone responding the way they do.

    It interests me as some of the houses we're looking at are from around that timeframe & we've no idea about their electrical setup as we've not yet been to view.

    Does the coating of the wiring perish over time or something & that's why it "needs" rewiring?

    I should add - i'm pretty specific about what is meant by "needs". I tell the wife she doesn't NEED new shoes, she WANTS them. So is this wiring needing to be done, or is it just an idea to do it? Is it just because you may want power points at different locations, or more power points etc, or is the actual wiring likely to be dangerous being 60 years old?

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