Real-life MMD: Should we keep quiet about 'free' holiday?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Should we keep quiet about 'free' holiday?

My husband paid the deposit for our October holiday on his debit card a few months ago - the balance wasn't due until last week. The date came and went and the money's still in his account, but the travel company says it's taken the payment and we owe it nothing. We've no idea if the money's been taken from someone else's account or if it could still be taken. Should we stay quiet and see if we get away with it?

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  • benedictadams
    benedictadams Forumite Posts: 926
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    There seems to be a fair amount of immoral scenarios appearing as a dilemma.

    If I was in your position I would get in contact with both the travel agent and your bank

    It is virtually certain that at some point the travel company will take the money from your account and if by accident you have spent the money you'll get bank charges.

    The travel company once made aware may reward your honesty and give you a free something or other (if not you haven't lost anything)
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  • building_with_lego
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    I really don't see the dilemma here; either you pay for the holiday or you steal it! You make the bank and the holiday company aware that the money has not been taken and ensure that it gets sorted out. As benedicctadams says you may get a freebie for your honesty, but the very least you'll get is a holiday and peace of mind.
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  • globetraveller
    globetraveller Forumite Posts: 2,249
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    I have been in exactly that predicament. However, I contacted the company. They actually kept on insisting that I had paid. It got ridiculous for a while. However, I had nightmare visions of being turned away at the airport. Eventually they found out that I had not paid and were very apologetic. They gave me a case of wine to say thanks. I did at one stage think about all the money I could save- but I couldn't live with it.
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  • pretzelnut
    pretzelnut Forumite Posts: 4,301 Forumite
    They may have made an admin error and it will be discovered eventually.
    So keep on at them. I really wouldn't want you ending up in a financial mess in a few weeks or months when they eventually take the money, or worse CANCEL your holiday for non payment.

    Did you book & pay in a store or over the phone or online?

    Nothing is ever FREE. you or me will pay for it eventually.
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  • elsien
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    There's no dilemma, it's just dishonest. Nothing to discuss.
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  • scottishgillybaby
    scottishgillybaby Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    Go for it..what the hell..just keep the cash in ur account just in case....bit of payback for all those people they screw over when the put them in rubbish accommodation , delay their flights for hours or let them down in some other way.....nothing ventured...if u are told its paid then that's not stealing..its their bad organisation... hell mend them....:-)
  • melchet
    melchet Forumite Posts: 2
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    That would be stealing, not worth the sleepless nights!
  • wurlitzerwilly
    wurlitzerwilly Forumite Posts: 61 Forumite
    I could live with it as long as I'd tried to inform the company, but get their reply in writing.
    My mother had this issue with a bank, years ago. She informed them of the error several times and they insisted that there was no error and told her to keep the money.
    It never came to light and she eventually died, undetected, but not for the want of trying.
  • smacp1
    smacp1 Forumite Posts: 10 Forumite
    "We've no idea if the money's been taken from someone else's account..."

    If that has happened - what if that someone doesn't check their statement immediately because they know they only use their card for fuel (to get a stores reward points for free days out!) and have a direct debit set up to pay the balance of their card every month. They may end up going overdrawn because of your holiday - will you pay their interest?

    If I was you, after speaking to the holiday company I'd have immediately emailed and sent a letter by recorded delivery to the holiday company stating the fact that your holiday balance has not appeared on your credit card statement and requesting they confirm which card they believe has been debited.

    Enjoy your holiday, knowing well and truely it's yours to enjoy!
  • robynprincess
    robynprincess Forumite Posts: 46 Forumite
    What if you keep quiet and you turn up at the gate (assuming you're flying) and are turned away as something has happened? Do you want the hassle? Contact them and pay.
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