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Noddle report completely blank!

Hi there,

I am a bit bemused by Noddle. A few months ago I checked my report on Noddle and it seemed my record had got mixed up with someone else's (my husband's ex) - some of her accounts were showing on my report, despite the fact that we have completely different names, dates of birth etc.

I reported this via the website, and her accounts no lobger show, unfortunately neither do any of mine! As there are no records, there is no button to report errors to Noddle.

My record with Equifax is fine, I haven't checked Experian yet (I checked that the ex wasn't on Experian but haven't had an updated report since I noticed the missing Noddle info).

Will this lack of record cause me problems? Will it gradually build back up over time? Should I approach Noddle about it?

Thanks in advance,


  • matttyematttye Forumite
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    You should approach Noddle to sort it out.

    Lucky that it's Noddle and not one of the other two though. None of my last 10+ credit searches have looked at my Noddle report. It's by far the least used.
    What will your verse be?

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  • JohalaReewiJohalaReewi Forumite
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    Last time I saw my call credit (noddle) report it was pretty much blank. Seems that Experian and Equifax get most of the action.
  • izoolsizools Forumite
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    All of my accounts are reported to Call Credit, with the exception of BT who don't even report to Experian, just Equifax.

    Additionally Nationwide, Halifax / BOS, and Barclaycard all searched my Call Credit in reference to applications I've made with them, so Call Credit are used from time to time.
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