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Identity Theft from payslip?

Firstly, apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place!

A friend of mine has their payslips emailed to their work email each month. They then email the payslip to their personal email. Unfortunately, they managed to email their payslip to the wrong email address and they are now worried about identity theft!
We have looked up who the email address belongs to on Facebook, and are now even more worried!
The payslip has their name, address and national insurance number as well as the company name and their employee number, although I'm not sure if that's relevant.
At first I thought it would be okay, as their sort code and account number are blank on the payslip, but now I'm worried about the person being able to use the name, address and national insurance number to claim benefits or take out a loan etc!

Hopefully someone can put our minds to rest!

Thank you in advance for any help!


  • izoolsizools Forumite
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    TBH they may very well be able to use this information to commit ID theft.

    Most lenders will reject any application for any form of credit if the date of birth isn't verbatim correct, or at the very least ask for further ID. Some however have opened accounts for victims of ID theft at the bequest of an ID Thief with the wrong DOB.

    I would suggest your friend contact Experian, Equifax, and Call Credit and place a "Notice of Correction" on all three credit files asking that any prospective lender not open account without first seeing ID.
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