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After advice! I need to know if this is me overreacting.

I've applied online for an Equifax credit report. I had to go through a number of questions about financial activities over the past 6 years and think I might well have got my overdraft limit from an old joint account with an ex boyfriend wrong. I can't remember!!! We never used the facility!

The website then asked me to call up which I did and was asked to list all current accounts, credit cards, loads, HP etc for the past 6 years which was fun given I am at work!

I was then told I now need to mail them a photocopy of my passport!!!!!

I thought this was supposed to be instant online access! I don't have a complicated history, I've never lived abroad, I've always been registered correctly at my addresses.

Is this normal? Is this just what they do and I have to suck it up?


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    If you fail any of the security questions on the phone or online yes it is normal.

    Equifax are at least looking after your identity - there have been reports of Call Credit's old "Call Credit Check" service being incredibly easy to access - e.g. little security when signing up and unfortunately led to a few people falling victim to identity theft.

    Thankfully Equifax are protecting your data and ensuring you are you and not someone trying to steal your identity.

    I know how difficult these Equifax things can be however as I have 57 historic accounts on my credit file (nearly all closed, most many years ago) and EE asked me questions about accounts from years past when taking out a phone contract - I literally had to make him wait whilst I loaded my credit report on my smartphone to check the answers I gave were correct :p
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    Hi went for the free 30 Day's trial, no problems at all. :beer:

    BUT still waiting for my £20 Top Cash Back payment from January 2013 , Anybody else having problems ? :(
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    Ok, Thanks.

    I could have understood if they asked me more questions but "list everything" seemed odd. Thankfully there wasn't that much.
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