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Opening Savings Accounts with a poor credit history

Help! For the last 6 months we have completely struggled to pay bills and have been in a situation of paying the credit card bill late. In addition, my bank account was taken under the wing of the bank credit recovery team for 4 months to ensure it was running ok again. As another nail in the coffin, we were 3 months behind on the mortgage payments. We are fairly confident our credit rating has gone from perfect to poor in 6 months. I have been advised in the last month that my bank accounts are running fine again and they have been returned to branch. This week I cleared all overdue with both the credit card and brought the mortgage fully up to date. I have over £150K I need to invest by opening some high interest accounts (quite a few!), but I am worried I won't be able to open accounts due to my recent poor credit history. Since it is saving accounts I am needing to open, so I am depositing not borrowing, will I still face issues of credit checks and likely refusal? Also any advice on what I should do if that is the case. I can't leave such a high value to 0.5% rates.


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    You should break it up to protect it against the risk of a bank insolvency and seizure as in Cyprus. I would not have thought that you would have problems though could you clear any outstanding debts as they will cost more than any potential income from any savings account.
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  • There are no debts now and I will break up the investments. The key question is will I have difficulty opening savings accounts/ISA's etc with 6 months of poor credit history?
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    You will be checked for identification purposes but not for credit-worthiness.

    Be aware, that the proposed 150k you want to deposit (even if you split the money into deposits with two or more banks) will carry a great deal of questions about the origin and the legitimate source of the funds. Banks are obliged through 'money laundering' and 'proceeds of crime' legislation to establish the facts.

    With a deposit of that size, the banks will want to see a lot of documentation.
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    OP, do you own your home outright?
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  • Documentation is not an issue. Its legit funding and already in a high street bank with all documentation in place. No I still have mortgage and am not planning to clear what is left until 3 years down the line (yes I know the advice) but we have a specific reason not to tie up a large proportion of the funds by paying off remaining mortgage until the redemption figure is a lot lower (in 3 years).

    So, specifically, the reason for the thread, I shouldn't have issues opening ISA's or savings accounts with a poor credit history over the last 6 months because these are savings accounts and not accounts which (usually) have some facility to borrow (which we don't want) like a normal current account? So they don't credit check you on savings accounts, like they do on current accounts and loans? Thanks for all advice.
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