MSE News: Car insurance costs falling sharply, AA says

"Car insurance costs have fallen by record levels over the past year, while home insurance is also down, says the AA..."
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Car insurance costs falling sharply, AA says


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  • tenuissenttenuissent Forumite
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    I am about to renew our car insurance, currently with Saga, who ask for a basic premium of[FONT=Bitstream Charter, serif] £500.94 plus breakdown cover of £121 (UK and Europe).[/FONT]

    Coincidentally, sent me a list of premiums based on facts I once gave them, including an AA basic of £177 (with free breakdown cover).

    I have asked Saga (twice) to explain this enormous difference, but they reply with meaningless standard emails. I have checked all the facts with the AA and increased the breakdown cover, making a total premium of £255. We have an 8 year no claim bonus.

    We are an "elderly" couple, the only two named drivers, with certain health problems which I tried to disclose to the AA, but they don't want to know. They said that as long as we had not been told not to drive by doctors or the DVLA, they will cover us at this price.

    This seems almost too good to be true. Has anyone any comments or warnings?

    (Saga seem impervious to my efforts to reduce their premium - I have quoted the AA premium to them without any reaction).
  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
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    If you put your details into any of the compsrison sites you will find a massive difference between cheapest and most expensive.

    Just vote with your feet if the policy you are looking at covers your requirements, you have given saga the opportunity and for whatever reason they aren't going to play ball with you.
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