Santander make a 21,000% return from me since January

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I went £2.16 overdrawn in january on an account I just haven't used in ages, and I didn't realise. Then I moved house.

I just went into a branch to order a pin number and card update details etc - I think I destroyed the last card - and discovered that a £2.16 debit has now ballooned to £457.06.

This is outrageous. The charge isn't remotely cost reflective. Do I have a leg to stand on of is a fixed £5 per day charge been made officially fine?



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    Andy.T wrote: »
    I went £2.16 overdrawn in january on an account I just haven't used in ages.....Then I moved house....

    Santander gives you a buffer of £12.00: there are no charges if you are overdrawn less than £12.00. Were you overdrawn by £14.16?

    You moved house, did you give the bank your new contact details? Well, if you didn't.....
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    How did you become overdrawn on an account that you haven't used for ages?
    Just speak to them, explain you hadn't realised you'd gone overdrawn, ask VERY nicely if they will waive the fees and promise you'll be good for ever more.
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    Andy.T wrote: »
    Then I moved house.

    As a result Santander expended time and effort in trying to contact you.
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    Hmmm... 26 posts in 9 years eh?

    I wonder if the other 25 so deep in the realms of fantasy as this latest one? :cool:
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    I would assume part of the terms & conditions of your account are that you must keep contact details upto date. By not doing so, your not giving them the chance to inform you of the charges being applied. Aslong as they have notified you of the charges, they have done what they need to, it is your responsibility to keep your details updated. I'm afraid unless Santander are willing to use their discretion to assist you, your going to have to pay it.
  • "The charge isn't remotely cost reflective"

    So what? are you suggesting that any service or product has to be at cost price and companies shouldn't make any profit?
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